Launch Announcement

I am happy to share that The Cornerstone, the next novel in the series started by The Sweetwater Trail, is released and available on Amazon. 

The story was inspired by tales of the founding of a family shingle mill. During my research of the western logging industry in the late 1800s, I was impressed by the stamina of the teams of loggers who brought down the giant trees of the virgin forests on the Oregon coast. I imagined the shudder of the trees crashing to the forest floor, the ferns crushing beneath the weight of the massive trunks, the crackling of the boughs. These were ancient trees with trunks that could not be straddled by a single man, felled with saws powered by the loggers’ strength.

If you have the opportunity to visit the Oregon coast, the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum is an excellent place to get insight into the pioneer communities and early logging operations around the Tillamook Bay and Kilchis Point areas.

The next project? A novella to follow The Cornerstone to be released in 2015.