"Holiday Cheer" and "Cornerstone" Updates


The book signing event at the Oregon Historical Society's "Holiday Cheer" event was exciting.  I was prepared - copies of "The Sweetwater Trail" stacked on the table, a special pen given to me by my husband, a bottle of water.  From this author's point of view, the event was well organized; from this reader's point of view, the event was well curated and fun.  It was a great opportunity to connect with readers new to "The Sweetwater Trail" and a chance to talk with readers who wanted to know when the second book in the series will be out.  I hope to participate in 2014 "Holiday Cheer" event with "Cornerstone."


And where is "Cornerstone"?  It is on my writing table with nine chapters of heavy rewriting to go before the copyediting stage.  I've had the book out to a wonderful beta reader and I am updating the manuscript based on questions and comments from that reading.  As you can see, my cat is particularly interested in my progress and contributes by sitting on pages, keeping the paper warm.

The talented Elise Ertel has started looking at images for the cover artwork.  I know the cover will be as beautiful as the cover she created for "The Sweetwater Trail."

While I am finishing "Cornerstone," I'm planning the next novel in the series, tentatively titled "Heart's Haven," to be released in 2015 ... more on that project in a future post.