The Sweetwater Trail
Published: March, 2013

Felicity Sinclair slept between silk sheets in New York … but on the trail to the Oregon Territory, she’s awake at night, wrapped in a quilt of regret. Her father’s railroad swindle cost Felicity everything, including her engagement to Edmund Ormond.  But Felicity isn’t the demure debutante she appears to be. She rolls up her lace edged sleeves to survive the trail to the Oregon Territory, a journey of 2,000 miles of trial and error, where every mile traveled is drier than the one before. Where the game is scarce and the graves common, and life depends on keeping the oxen alive. Rye Jones, with eyes as cold as a Kansas river crossing, studies her at night over the campfire. How much of her father’s deceptive wiles did Felicity inherit? The wagon train leader invested in the Garrety-Brown Railroad and lost his medical practice, his wife and his child. But Rye is drawn to Felicity by her determination to leave her past in the prairie grass. Felicity must choose: a scratched out existence in the Oregon wilderness with Rye or escape to a life of ease in New York with Edmund. 

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The Cornerstone
Published: August, 2014

Silver St. Ives, torn from her brother and the Palmyra plantation in upcountry Georgia, is forced by her husband to cross the mosquito riddled Isthmus in Panama to reach the gold that beckons in California. Four hundred miles from San Francisco, Xavier St. Ives dies and she learns to chart her own course to a rain swept Oregon Territory. But the Territory is dominated by tall fir trees and dripping ferns and an old love, a love who doesn’t believe she’s changed from the girl who lied to him ten years before. Silver fights to establish a sawmill on the banks of the Double Back River, but resists help from the Ardent community. Friends like Rye and Felicity Jones are rare in the new country, and Silver, determined to live on her own, struggles to let the warmth of friendship enter her life.

When Ransome Jones begins to court Silver, Cade Braedon feels the pull of emotions he thought lost long ago in Savannah.  The former Hudson Bay trapper begins to hope. Perhaps Silver has changed … perhaps he can trust her with his heart again.

Paperback edition available in September 2014
Kindle digital edition available at Amazon.com